I’m available for freelance writing, editing and content strategy projects.

My skills and specialities include:

✹ Content strategy & design: 

Creating a clear narrative thread that runs through all parts of an org’s communications, and partnering with marketing, comms, PR and anyone else responsible for how your product or service is talked about.

Planning, structuring and defining content as an end-to-end experience, not individual words on seperate screens.

Developing consistent approaches to planning and maintaining content. Aligning your content goals with your organisation's strategy.

✹ Content style guides:

Creating standards for on-brand content. Informing the words, design, and material used across a platform. Helping teams from different departments speak in a consistent way across channels. 

✹ Voice & tone:

Defining voice attributes, brand character, and mood. Using reseach, testing, language and emotion to help inform how we speak to people for different contexts, connect with an audience, and help them progress along their journey.

✹ Content audits:

Creating inventories of existing pages or assets. Defining criteria to figure out what ‘better’ looks like. Assess and evaluates the quality of existing content. Uncover what needs updating, where gaps exist that new content could fill, and if certain assets are ready for removal.

✹ Learning / instructional design:

Defining learner needs to be solved through research, design, validation, and iteration. Writing, structuring and organising information so that upskilling means that knowledge gained is both useful and retained.

✹ Research & testing: 

Partnering with user researchers to understand user needs, tasks, and journeys. Finding data and evidence to learn, apply and evolve. 

Every project is different! If you’re looking for something specific or a combination of skills, just ask.

If you’d like to work with me, comission me to write or build something, ask about project rates, or say hello, you can e-mail me