I'm a content strategist based in Australia and working globally.

I’ve also trained in multimedia design, filmmaking, and writing and editing.

My work connects words, meaning and sense-making with systems, structures, relationships, narratives, and concepts (usually as part of a team or partnership).

Blending creativity and strategic thinking, I work collaboratively in cross-functional teams to make content more human and helpful.

With a background in customer experience, I believe that the best products are built with
empathy, flexibility, and working iteratively.

Previously, I’ve worked in trade publishing – reporting on inequality, tackling gender bias in book culture, and working with (as well as finding new) award-winning writers. 

I also worked for Australia’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster.

Eventually, I made the leap from customer support to design education to in-product experiences.

Understanding how to connect the dots inside large, messy ecosystems helped me shape the relationship between customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) at large corporates in pursuit of product excellence.

Along the way, I’ve been involved with behind-the-scenes operations for literary prizes, film festivals, newsrooms, city guides, design studios, print magazines, global consultancies, tech companies, and digital media incubators. 

I have a degree in filmmaking from Swinburne University, a ceritification in digital marketing from General Assembly, and trained as a professional writer and editor at RMIT.

I’m always looking for new projects and comissions.

Send me a note if you think we should work together!