I am a trained editor who has experience in sourcing talent, comissioning and briefing writers, as well as editing pieces through to publication. 

Below are selected examples —

Mansplaining Australian Cities – we can do something about that (originally published on The Conversation and republished in the Sydney Morning Herald)

Curious Kids: what happens if a snake bites another snake? (originally published on The Conversation)

A criminal record: women and Australian true crime stories (originally published on The Conversation and republished on ABC News)

Top of the Lake: China Girl is defiant, adventurous TV (originally published on The Conversation)


I also worked as an assistant editor on two episodes of The Conversation’s Speaking with... podcast:

John Gerrard on preventing infectious diseases

Bates Gill on Australia’s changing relationship with China

This involved picture research, dialogue editing, sourcing news clips, archival audio and music, as well as writing SEO copy for the website, and recommending podcasts that explored similar topics.