‘I’ve worked with Nathania for several years, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend her for any writing position. She's reliable, creative, and consistently delivers above and beyond expectations. I love working with her because she's someone I can count on to intuitively understand the character of our publication, and to always make my life as an editor a little bit easier without having to be asked. She's a wonderful collaborator and any team would be lucky to have her on board!’

✨ HALEY CULLINGHAM, Editor-in-chief @ Penguin Random House Canada

‘Nathania came to our attention when she started sending us detailed, clear, interesting pitches that spoke to WePresent's ethos of celebrating creativity and the process behind it. We collaborated with her on a profile about Australian hip hop artist Tkay Maidza. During this time, Nathania was brilliant to work with. Despite the logistical challenges that can come with contributing to a globally distributed team during a pandemic, Nathania was patient, reliable, and communicative throughout. Her writing is energetic, well-researched, and approachable. She's receptive to edits and feedback, leads artist interviews with openness, and always aims to inspire readers with original insights.’

✨ LIV SIDDALL, Senior editor @ WePresent

‘Nathania is a highly skilled practioner whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years. She is unafraid to take risks in her work, navigate ambiguity, and collaborates regularly with industry partners to shape a shared vision and outcomes that advocate for writers both emerging and established in the industry. As well as consistently delivering and iterating on great work, she’s always reliable in meeting (sometimes very tight) deadlines, proactive in using research to connect the dots and dig for new insights, and responds thoughtfully to edits and feedback. Writers and thinkers who are both full of new ideas and dependable are rare, but Nathania delivers on both counts in spades!’ 

✨ ALAN VAARWERK, Former editor @ Kill Your Darlings

‘Nathania is a gifted writer whom I'd recommend wholeheartedly. I brought on Nathania as a freelance writer for Courier (a notifications API), and I was immediately impressed by her ability to break down complex topics and weave them into a compelling story for our audience of developers and product managers. Nathania made collaborating easy, fun, and seamless – you would never know we were 19 hours apart. I'd happily work with her again!’ 

✨ COURTNEY CHUANG, Product marketing @ Hummingbird

‘Nathania is a skilled writer who delivers well-researched, thoughtful content, and she's eager to continue to learn and grow in her craft. While working with Nathania, she was flexible, knowledgeable, and readily accepted feedback. I recommend Nathania to anyone in need of a writer and would gladly work with her again in the future.’

✨ TAWNI SATTLER, Editorial lead @ Hotjar

‘Nathania's approach is detailed, engaging and creative. Working with Nathania will ensure a high-quality output that excels against a given brief, keeping clients (and crucially) savvy audiences happy. It should be noted that Nathania excels at bringing research and insights to help connect client briefs to the real world. Nathania's insightful interviews span a range of subject matter experts, from academics to people with lived experience so their knowledge shines through. Bringing these elements together make her a powerful content technician.’

✨ JAMES DI FABRIZIO, Creative director @ Rolling Stone Australia

‘Needless to say like any large corporation, Telstra has its own unique and somewhat complex ecosystem. Nathania absolutely thrived in this ambiguity, remaining collaborative within her large cross-functional Agile team.

... I was impressed by her innate ability to not only seek out and connect with the right stakeholders, but to manage these relationships efficiently over many months to enable outstanding project deliverables.

Her ability to dissect and analyse a project brief is an asset to any team, especially in those that operate in heavily matrixed environments.

Nathania is a clear communicator, she is kind and she’s a deep thinker. I would not hesitate to recommend Nathaina for any content design role she wishes to pursue.’

✨ CLARE HASSAN, Content designer @ Telstra

‘As well as thorough research and interviewing skills, Nathania was always collaborative and found a way to turn a one-liner idea from our team into a well-written piece of content. In my experience, Nathania is someone who can help teams find new content opportunities, ways to experiment with formats and approaches, contributing to a team’s desire to innovate and evolve.’

✨ ANTHONY MADAFFARI, Content strategist @ carsales.com.au

‘As an ongoing contributor to The Big Issue, Nathania is proactive, diligent and receptive to feedback. She regularly pitches story ideas and has a keen understanding of The Big Issue's tone, style and voice as a publication. Planning our editorial coverage together weeks, sometimes months, in advance, Nathania is great at both project management and trend forecasting. I love working with Nathania because she's truly collaborative, optimistic and kind (the latter being a severely undervalued trait these days). She's a gem!’ 

✨ AIMEE KNIGHT, Staff writer @ The Big Issue Australia